Customized OEM solutions for your application

We offer the right solution for all your cooling needs

The development of standard cooling systems and heat exchangers along with software solutions are one of the core competencies of AKG.

You are looking for custom quality cooling systems that need to meet specific requirements, and have not yet found it? Or you are in need of a reliable single-source solution for various markets and systems?

  • AKG has a worldwide reputation for custom quality heat exchangers, specializing in brazed aluminum bar-plate construction.
  • Our highly capable products serve the construction, forestry, agriculture, on-highway, compressor, material handling, industrial, process, off-highway, and mining markets.
  • Our thorough knowledge of heat transfer, continuous research and development, our leading edge innovation, and state-of-the-art production processes provide our customers with complete confidence that AKG is an unmatched, one-stop source for all their cooling needs.

AKG OEM solution products:

  •     Water coolers
  •     Coolant coolers
  •     Charge air coolers
  •     Fuel coolers
  •     Hydraulic oil coolers
  •     Gearbox oil coolers
  •     Engine oil coolers
  •     Lubrication oil coolers
  •     Coolant media coolers

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