Best of Oil Coolers: AKG UK product line

Connecting innovation and experience for almost a century

For 100 years now AKG has been the innovate, leading supplier of oil coolers, charge air coolers and radiators. For 20 years AKG UK Ltd. offers especially those systems as standard catalogue products or as custom-designed solutions for the British and Irish market.

Our diverse applications typically include mobile and stationary hydraulics, construction equipment as well as agriculture equipment, oil & gas, power generation, transportation and power packs. 


What we offer

  • Custom-designed German engineering with local support
  • Full solutions from a single source
  • Latest technology to meet your requirements: flexible profile, anti-clogging  and efficient fins, high pressure capability, long-life alloys, corrosion-resistant coating
  • Quality & reliability: 100 years’ experience & financial stability
  • Loyal customer relationships
  • Wide product portfolio
  • Supply chain flexibility
  • Low TCO (Total cost of ownership)
  • Low LCC (Life cycle cost)
  • Customer-centered software for configurable and standard products
  • Environmentally conscious global facilities

AKG Engine Line - a great example for AKG's quality

Parker Plant Ltd. UK uses Standard Coolers for optimal Operating Temperatures

Parker Plant is the foremost specialist manufacturer of Bitumen Handling Systems in the United Kingdom and overseas, servicing numerous industries.

The new Parker “Spreadmaster” asphalt chipping spreader has been designed as the ultimate solution for surface dressing works. The application employs a powerful Cummins QSB 6.7 litre six cylinder, turbo charged inter-cooled diesel engine.

The power unit and drive train have been designed to enable high speed travel capability between jobs to minimise down time and maximise productivity.

British Engineering on its highest level

  • DIN EN ISO 9001
  • DIN EN ISO 3834-2
  • DIN EN 15085
  • Protection of the environment and ecologically sustainable business activity are a matter of course
  • Environmental protection is embodied in corporate guidelines
  • Environmental management following DIN EN ISO 14001

AKG Product Features

  • Standard or bespoke packaging to avoid product damage which is environmentally friendly
  • Quick lead times
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  • Controlled manufacture produces stable quality
  • Pressure test ensures leak free coolers
  • Reinforced header tanks and cores resulting in increased durability to withstand high pressure
  • Comprehensive range of components from one single source
  • A wide range of fin combinations to cover a wealth of applications
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  • Hollow core profiles ensure increased life span
  • Modular cooling systems for easy service and maintenance
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  • Proprietary AKG cooler exe. software generates accurate first time predictions resulting in passed on savings to the customer
  • AKG strength software generates accurate predictions leading to product confidence
  • Multi cooler orientation allow for multiple cooler configurations
  • Compact and deep core solutions provide less space claim
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  • Thermal core expansion slots lead to increased cooler life span
  • Bespoke designs to suit all applications
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  • Standardization leading to lower development and prototype costs
  • Reduced header tank weights resulting in less mass and less cost
  • Assured reliability backed up by validation testing
  • TFR, Plate and Bar plus LKS design solutions
  • Identical products manufactured at different locations
  • Copper brass – many solutions
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  • AKG-Line A

    For industrial applications with 3 phase AC motor up to 330 kW heat rejection.


    • AKG-Line AL: Line A Low noise Version
    • AKG-Line AR: Line A with anti-clogging fins
    • AKG-Line AY: Line A with integrated Bypass
    • AKG-Line AP: Offline Line A cooler models with integrated pump
  • AKG-Line D

    For mobile applications with 12/24V DC motor fans.
    Heat performance range from 4 kW up to 40 kW as standard with anti-clogging fin. 
    + AM : Ports in motor direction


    • AKG-Line DY : with integrated Bypass 
      + AM : Ports in motor direction
  • AKG-Line H

    For mobile applications with hydraulic motor


    • AKG-Line HR : Line H with anti-clogging fins
    • AKG-Line HY : Line H with integrated Bypass
  • AKG-Line CA : 
    Compressor Aftercooler series with AC motor


    • AKG-Line CA LP : Low Pressure 3bar (g) / 250°C
    • AKG-Line CA HP : High Pressure 16 bar (g) / 120°C
  • AKG-Line W

    • Copper/brass cooler for industrial applications
    • Robust design for operating preasure of up to 4 bar
    • Operating temperatures up to max. 95° C
  • AKG Engine Line

    • Standardised off-the-shelf Engine Cooling Series
    • Configurable solutions with RAD, CAC and optional Oil cooler
    • 7 models sizes covering a power range from 100kW to 500kW
    • Universal solution for all engines (not manufacturer specific)

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