Process Cooling

  • AKG UK offers a full line of Process aluminum Bar/Plate Air to Oil coolers and Water to Oil coolers.
  • Applications include:
    • Oil & Gas
    • Mining
    • HVAC
    • Chemical Plants
    • Power Plants

    AKG-Line A

    • Oil-to-air cooling system with AC motor
    • 12 models from 12 - 330 KW
    • AKG double-life hollow profile
    • Variations:
      • AKG-Line AL : Line A Low noise Version
      • AKG-Line AR : Line A with anti-clogging fins
      • AKG-Line AY : Line A with integrated Bypass
      • AKG-Line AP : Offline Line A cooler models with integrated pump

    AKG-Line AR

    • Rugged environment cooling systems
    • As a standard equipped with anti-clogging cooling air fins
    • AKG double-life hollow profile

    AKG-Line AY

    • Oil-to-air cooling systems with AC  motor and bypass
    • Avoiding overstraining at cold start conditions and high volume flows

    AKG-Line AP

    • Oil-to-air cooling systems with AC motor and pump
    • Ideal for varying flow rates or pressure spikes in return lines

    AKG-Line W

    • Heavy duty design with solid steel frame.

    Classic T-Cooler

    • High efficiency cooling system made from Aluminium  
    • Offering high flexibility for usage with transmission, engine, hydraulic and lubrication oils

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