Cool Down with Oil Coolers by AKG UK

For nearly 100 years AKG has been the innovative, leading supplier of technically advanced, high performance cooling systems. We are based in Cardiff, Wales, and offer a broad array of standard catalogue products off-the-shelf or as custom-designed solutions for the British and Irish market. This, as well as our comprehensive testing opportunities and even low volume production enables us to offer our customers the highest possible degree of flexibility. Since our cooling systems are modular, service and maintenance are made easy.

Cooling systems and heat exchangers made in Germany

To guarantee stable quality for our customers, AKG UK follows a controlled manufacturing and testing process. AKG UK can guarantee a very high quality standard for their customers because the comprehensive range of components stems from one single source. We take pride in offering quality and reliability to our customers for over 95 years. AKG UK has the technical competence and experience to customize and adapt solutions for customers on a very high level with Germany engineering. Our large product portfolio offers various construction methods in many sectors.

References of AKG Oil Coolers

We have plenty of R& D resources at our hands, which not only ensure to meet the latest technologies and adaptable designs, but also enable us to pay attention to our Global Footprint and hence provide environmentally friendly packaging.

Successful participation at the PlantWorx 2019!

From the 11th-13th June we exhibited at the PlantWorx 2019 in Peterborough. The PlantWorx is a trade show for the construction sector. The AKG Group (represented by AKG UK) represented itself for the first time of this trade fair. Our trade fair team was able to hold many successful discussions. 

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